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Seeing the need for more healthy churches in the Eastside area of Greenville, in 2020—in the middle of insecurities surrounding COVID-19—a small team was sent out from Christ Fellowship Cherrydale to form Christ Fellowship Eastside. We met in a large conference room in the warehouse building of Eastern Industrial Supply on Pelham Road. We used tables to create spaces for our children and to allow for social distance. These were weird and exciting times for our fledgling church. For six months, we gathered, formed a core team, and began developing as a church.


But in March of 2021, the fragile plant seemed to hang in the balance.

The news hit hard. After a visit from the Fire Marshall on a Thursday, we were told that we needed to move before Sunday. We scrambled to move our things, secure a new meeting space, and prepare for simple service on Sunday.


During this time, God used his Church to help our church survive. Roper Mountain Baptist Church welcomed us to meet in their fellowship hall and opened up a joint service with us. And Airport Baptist Church opened up their facility on a longterm basis for us to meet.

It's here, in the gym of Airport Baptist Church, that the Lord has seen fit to allow us to grow and thrive as a church—seeking to multiply disciples to his glory here in the Eastside community to the ends of the earth.


See what what Sundays are like by clicking the button below:

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