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Nursery and Kid's Ministry oversees newborn to 1st grade. In Christ Fellowship Kids, we’ve based our curricula on proven child development research to teach the gospel in a way that will be cemented in the hearts and minds of children for years to come. We’ve identified foundational biblical truths and have paired them with lessons, verses, and practical applications to engage them in the narrative of Scripture.

Check-In/Out Process

You will check your child in at the desk and receive a coded sticker for them so that you can check them out once the service is over. Someone will be at the desk to help you check your child in and to walk them back to the appropriate classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child needs a diaper change?

When you check in your child, you can tell the volunteer if you would rather change your child’s diaper or if it is ok for one of our female volunteers to change the diaper. Female volunteers are the only ones allowed to perform diaper changes. If you would prefer to change the diaper yourself, then one of our volunteers will get in touch with you when the need arises.

What if something happens to my child or there is an emergency?

In the event that something happens and you need to be contacted about your child, one of our volunteers will text or call you to ask you to come to the back. One of our volunteers will brief you on the situation at hand.

How are classes managed?

Each class in our KIDS ministry has at least two adults inside of it at all times. These adults have all received a SLED background check, been vetted and cleared to serve, and have undergone training not only on how to effectively teach the material but also on how to ensure that the kids remain safe at all times. There is also a volunteer in the central area who is able to help with whatever classroom needs an additional set of hands for whatever reason.

Can I bring my child in the service?

Absolutely! We encourage and welcome any kids to join the main service. Kids can see parents and other adults passionate about the church and Biblical teaching. We also offer service worksheet kits to help kids focus and follow during the service. Please ask a volunteer for a kit. 

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